Our first random thoughts of founding a label emerged on a morning in the year 2007, heading back home from an open-air festival. Our aim was to create a netlabel which would offer a chance and help to young and talented artists and producers to show up themselves and their works to electronic music-lovers with a sophisticated taste. Among the latest and most forward-thinking directions we would like to make some space for all the genres or styles which are being pushed to the background and also less popular due to current music trends - indicating that not only the latest musical directions have refreshing energy, soul and progressive conceptions in themselves. All the kinds of electronic music fit into our profile which differs from the commonplace and average, let it be electro, electroclash, techno, minimal, experimental or ambient. Our aim has not changed: we transmit and mediate considerable, fresh and forward-thinking soundscapes towards party people, dj's and connoisseurs, so actually, to You all! Our materials are under Creative Commons License.


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